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BLACKENED Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Your Holiday Survival Guide

Whether the thought of the season is making your heart sing or sink, we all know that it doesn’t always go to plan, and that sounds like the holidays. If (or maybe, when) your celebrations go off-piste, channel our holiday survival guide, with tales from some of our friends about when they had to make the best of it throughout the season, alongside their recommendations for the perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life.

For When Nature Intervenes

BLACKENED’s Master Distiller & Blender, Rob Dietrich’s holiday gift recommendation is the BLACKENED Candle & BLACKENED Whiskey Bundle, which reminds him of the year his Christmas Day was (almost) blown away and ended up in a candlelit dinner for two…

“While my girlfriend and I were living in my ’67 chevy, 1/2-size school bus in the woods on the Oregon coast, we experienced a violent, hurricane-style storm that destroyed some of the trees around the bus, causing branches to crash down in chaos. After the storm, we cleaned the branches from the roof of the bus and made our Christmas tree by binding together the fallen evergreen branches and forming them into the perfect sized tree for our tight quarters inside the bus. Because of the storm, we had no power, so we had a fantastic candlelight Christmas eve, complete with our homemade tree, a stove-cooked dinner and a bottle of red wine. Only thing that could have made it better was a night-cap of great whiskey.”

The BLACKENED candle has been created to complement and enhance the fragrance and palate of our flagship whiskey. Created especially for us by master candle maker Carrie Robertson of Peanut City Candle Company, Carrie used the actual whiskey as her reference point, resulting in a scent that is filled with flavors of dark fruits, clove, cinnamon, honey, caramel, oak, maple and of course… whiskey.

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For When The Gift Wasn’t Quite What You Expected

Friend of Metallica & BLACKENED, Michelle Harvey from WolfSkullJack recalls a time she joined a white elephant gift exchange, and received something that left a lot to be desired…

“Before doing art full time I worked in a handful of different call centers. The last one I worked in was a good 9 years ago and although technically an inbound call center, it wasn’t actually that bad. The people I worked with were solid for the most part and two of the people there are still today two of my closest friends. At Christmas, the entire department did a Secret Santa and we opened all of the gifts at a restaurant whilst enjoying a Christmas dinner. When opening my gift I unwrapped the dustiest candle which had clearly been sitting in someone’s drawer for a thousand years and a soap on a rope that was definitely used. Merry Christmas to me I guess.”

This poster, inspired by Metallica and BLACKENED, was created by Michelle Harvey, the artist behind WolfSkullJack. It was brought back by popular demand and has already sold out, but you can check out more of her creations below!


For When Your Guests Outstay Their Welcome

Even the best, most welcome guests can get a little tiresome, and Rabbit Hole Founder & Chief Whiskey Maker, and recent Masters of Whiskey Collaborator, Kaveh Zamanian, has the perfect sipper to get your partner through a trying holiday season – whiskey, of course. Specifically, a bundle of two brands known for forging their own paths.

“Each year, when the holiday season rolls around, I’m full of optimism. This is the year that is going to be pitch-perfect. Family and friends come together for quality time celebrating the season. But then, walks in an old friend who has a penchant for politics, turning casual holiday chatter into divisive political discussion. What do you do when a dear friend turns a perfectly civil holiday conversation into an episode of Crossfire? Well, in our case, my wife Heather and I bond together around our collective despair and gracefully exit to the bourbon bunker for a glass of Rabbit Hole and BLACKENED Bourbon finished in Calvados casks to sweeten the sour taste of the conversation. Then together we return to the festivities with a new sense of jubilation sharing the bottle with the rest of the party reminding ourselves that next year our guest list needs to be a little trimmer.”

Our BLACKENED x Rabbit Hole with BLACKENED Whiskey Bundle sees our original BLACKENED Whiskey paired with our 2023 release in BLACKENED Whiskey’s Masters of Whiskey Series, BLACKENED x Rabbit Hole, created in a partnership between with Kaveh Zamanian and Rob Dietrich. This limited-edition expression is crafted from a 13-year-old straight Tennessee bourbon whiskey, which is 64% corn/36% rye, and Rabbit Hole Heigold High Rye Double Malt Kentucky Straight bourbon, 70% corn/25% malted rye/5% malted barley. The blend is then cask-finished in Calvados casks, bottled at cask strength, and non-chill filtered, resulting in a unique and interesting liquid with a complex, bold flavor profile.

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For When You Need To Unwind

You know the moment, you say goodbye to your guests; the meal is cooked; the presents have batteries in; the kids are occupied… now is your time. But as a friend of BLACKENED, J.L from North Carolina found out two years ago, the much-desired moment of you time doesn’t always go to plan!

“During the holiday season, amidst the chaos of family gatherings and endless festivities, I decided to take a moment to unwind with a cigar and a glass of whiskey. As I settled into my favorite armchair, the anticipation of relaxation washed over me. Just as I was about to light my cigar, our cat leaped onto my lap, swatting at the cigar with her paws. Startled, I fumbled and accidentally dropped the cigar into my glass of whiskey. It was a comical sight as I desperately tried to fish out the soggy cigar while my cat looked on, seemingly amused. In the end, I had to settle for a sip of whiskey with a hint of smoky flavor, and my cat earned herself a new nickname: “The Cigar Connoisseur.” We both shared a good laugh, reminding me that even in the midst of holiday chaos, unexpected moments of hilarity can bring a much-needed dose of joy.”

And of course, in The Cigar Connoisseur’s honor, J.L’s holiday gift suggestion is of course, the BLACKENED Cask Strength & Cigar Stave Bundle. Handmade from premium wood in the USA, this bundle contains the perfect cigar rest and space for the BLACKENED snifter glass.


For The Colder Months

The mercury has dropped, the leaves are falling and you need the perfect accessory for the cold weather months. Friend of BLACKENED, S.R from New York City, New York, recommends the
BLACKENED Beanie as the perfect gift for the holidays, but they need it for another reason…

“Amidst the holiday season in NYC, I set out for last-minute shopping and proudly sported my favorite beanie. To my surprise, a squirrel fixated on the pom-pom on top as I made my way through the neighborhood. Out of nowhere, it snatched the pom-pom and bolted, leaving me in a state of shock. I immediately went into full-on sprint mode, causing a hilarious commotion that had people cracking up. In the end, the squirrel proved to be too slick for me, but hey, I scored a hysterical story to share. The lesson learned: never underestimate the thieving skills of a mischievous rodent.”

Who doesn’t love a good pom beanie, featuring the BLACKENED Whiskey logo and a black, white and gray pom, this cozy hat will keep your ears warm all winter long.


For An Assembly Distraction

Each gathering has one person who is on the hook for putting everything together; furniture, toys, family relationships; they come armed with their tools and their batteries, and it is your job to arm them with the perfect sipper to get them through the holiday assembly period. M.P from Dallas, TX’s gift recommendation is our Cask Strength & Gift Bag Bundle, featuring a bespoke gift bag designed for BLACKENED by Timothy Goodman.

“One year my friend Sarah got a seemingly innocent gift that required “some assembly.” It turned into an all-day project that came with a thick instruction manual and odd looking pieces. Finally, after countless attempts and an accidental hammer to the thumb, the moment of truth arrived. Turns out, she accidentally assembled a bookshelf instead of a coffee table. It was hilarious, but at least she got a sturdy bookshelf and a funny story out of it.”

Designed for BLACKENED by Timothy Goodman, the gift bag features the ultimate blend of whiskey and music, perfect for the Metallica & whiskey lover in your life.



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