Where can I buy BLACKENED Whiskey?

We offer a retail store locator to help you find BLACKENED at stores and bars near you. You can also visit our online shop to purchase BLACKENED for delivery, available for shipping to most of the United States.

Want your favorite bar/liquor store to carry BLACKENED? Please contact their management directly to kindly place a request to carry our product.


BLACKENED is available in Australia for shipping via Groglords and Canada (currently only British Columbia). Join our newsletter to be the first to know when our products are available in your area, we are working hard to expand into new markets!

Our products are not currently sold in Europe.


BLACKENED is a blend of straight bourbons, ryes, & whiskeys from distilleries across North America – hand-selected by Master Distiller & Blender Dave Pickerell himself. Rob Dietrich became Master Distiller & Blender of BLACKENED in 2019. Rob, formerly the Master Distiller for
Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, has more than 13 years in the industry and is well-regarded for his unique limited-release, cask finish expressions.

Since joining BLACKENED, Rob has created notable expressions such as his Master Blender Exclusive, BLACKENED X Willett, Rye the Lightning™ and more.

What kind of whiskey is BLACKENED?

The original BLACKENED is a blend of straight whiskeys finished in brandy casks. Our limited-edition releases have featured Madeira and Madiera and Rum Double Cask Finishes.

How old is the whiskey?

BLACKENED is a blend of straight whiskeys, all very well aged.

How long is the finishing process?

Like many of Dave’s whiskeys, the finishing process is between 2-10 weeks.

What is the proof?

BLACKENED is 90 Proof, 45% Alc./Vol.
Our Cask Strength Whiskey is 113.07 Proof, 56.5 Alc./Vol.

Who makes BLACKENED?

BLACKENED started as a collaboration between Metallica and legendary Distiller and Blender Dave Pickerell. Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich now oversees BLACKENED distilling process.

Where is Blackened Whiskey made?

BLACKENED is produced in Columbus, OH. Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich oversees the whiskey distilling process including, sourcing, blending, and cask-finishing barrels for each batch of BLACKENED since 2019.

Is Blackened Whiskey Limited?

BLACKENED is always working to raise the bar with our limited-edition releases. Our most recent limited-edition releases include BLACKENED RYE THE LIGHTNING, MASTERS of WHISKEY: BLACKENED X WILLETT, and the BLACK ALBUM WHISKEY PACK. These releases have featured collectible Metallica items, original artwork, vinyl records, and more!

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The original BLACKENED is available all year round in select markets in North America, Australia via Grog Lords, and British Columbia with more markets coming soon!

What is sonic-enhancement?

Sonic-enhancement, or as we like to call it “BLACK NOISE”, is the use of sound waves to create an intensified interaction between the barrel and the whiskey.

What does sonic-enhancement or BLACK NOISE do?

The intensified interaction between the barrel and the whiskey during the finishing phase adds additional wood characteristics to the spirit.

Can I purchase a barrel for beer?

Not at this time.

How does the playlist work?

Each batch of BLACKENED has its own playlist, chosen by the band themselves. When resting in the finishing barrels, the music is played to the barrel – causing an intense reaction between the barrel and the whiskey imparting more wood character.

Where can I find the playlists?

The playlists can be found here.

Who do I contact about problems with my online order?

Please contact the retailer’s customer service for all order questions.
Please email if you placed an order through BLACKENED powered by Thirstie.

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