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american whiskey remastered

Remastering a song means using new production capabilities to remove flaws for a cleaner, sharper, more refined listening experience. That’s just what BLACKENED has done with its whiskey-making. Remastering whiskey means layering flavors during blending and enhancing the base whiskey through cask-finishing, while using our BLACK NOISE sonic-enhancement process to extract more flavor, resulting in a one-of-a-kind BLACKENED taste.



Blending whiskey is a complex and nuanced process that requires a well-trained nose and refined palate. At BLACKENED, our approach to selecting and combining whiskeys leans more towards artistry than strict science. We meticulously select components from the finest bourbon and rye whiskeys available in North America, considering their unique flavor profiles and how they complement one another.

Employing a craft approach, our Master Blender skillfully marries the whiskeys together to achieve a sophisticated yet well-balanced flavor. In our original expression, the bourbon’s sweetness beautifully complements the savory spice of the rye.


While all blends naturally evolve over time due to the availability of aged whiskey barrels, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality and consistency in the flavor profile of BLACKENED. All our whiskeys are aged at least a minimum of 4 years in white American oak prior to bottling. Most of our whiskeys are aged even longer. Each sip of BLACKENED Whiskey is a testament to the art of blending, where flavors unite to create a truly remarkable drinking experience. Experience the artistry and flavor of BLACKENED Whiskey for yourself.


Cask finishing transforms great whiskey into something extraordinary. BLACKENED Whiskey’s distinctive flavor profile is the result of the careful layering of flavors using the art of cask finishing. Cask finishing involves transferring the whiskey to a different barrel previously used to age a different spirit or wine, such as sherry or port. In this process, the whiskey absorbs the unique flavors and characteristics that have been left behind in the wood. In the case of BLACKENED, our original expression undergoes cask finishing in brandy casks, imparting delightful notes of dark fruits that harmonize beautifully with the honey and caramel notes of the blend.

According to Rob Dietrich, "Cask finishing is like the soulful guitar solo that enhances the complexity of the whiskey's melody. Starting with an already exceptional whiskey, the addition of cask finishing introduces another intricate layer of flavor, allowing the expression to stand out uniquely on its own. It's like a legendary hit song in whiskey form!"


BLACKENED showcases its expertise in unique finishing techniques through our Masters of Whiskey Series. In collaboration with Willett Distillery, we crafted a Kentucky straight rye whiskey finished in Madeira casks, resulting in flavors of cinnamon, butter, and dark walnut on the finish. Our second collaboration, alongside Angel’s Envy Co-Founder Wes Henderson, produced a Kentucky straight bourbon finished in white Port wine casks. And most recently, our partnership with Rabbit Hole Distillery delivers a blend of straight bourbon whiskeys finished in Calvados apple brandy casks.

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