American Blended Whiskey Returns to The Top Shelf

Whiskey lovers, take note: American blended whiskey is undergoing a renaissance. Though long regarded as cheap and low-quality (or worse, “whiskey-flavored vodka”), blended American whiskey is shedding its bad rap. Innovators across the whiskey space, including BLACKENED American Whiskey, are utilizing quality distilling processes to create premium blends that cut no corners. The result? Deliciously complex whiskey you’ll actually want to serve neat.

What is Blended Whiskey?

In most countries, blended whiskey means a mix of different whiskeys blended to achieve a particular flavor. In Scotland, Ireland, and Japan, the term means a blend of one or more single malt whiskies with some quantity of grain whisky, with the standards of each component upheld. In the U.S., it’s a different story. According to U.S. Blended Whiskey Regulations, blended whiskey only needs at least 20% straight whiskey, the remainder being whiskey or neutral grain spirits. This fact allows any type or age of whiskey or neutral grain spirit to comprise the bulk of the bottle.

Historical Perception of American Whiskey Blends

Under this broad definition, many American producers have historically cut costs by stuffing their blends with cheap neutral grain spirits, like vodka, earning the category the reputation for having low-quality, “whiskey-flavored” offerings. However,this hasn’t always been the case. In the years following Prohibition, when well-aged whiskey was in short supply, quality blends were all the rage and were made with whiskey only.

The Resurgence of Premium Blended Whiskey

American blended whiskey brands are making a comeback with innovative brands, including BLACKENED American Whiskey, elevating the category once more. Forgoing neutral grain spirits, these brands are instead combining premium whiskeys to achieve impressive blends with unique characteristics and flavors, implementing high-quality and innovative whiskey distilling processes along the way. Say goodbye to the cheap, flavorless brown vodka of old: A new class of premium American blended whiskey is here to stay.

BLACKENED American Whiskey Leading The Charge

An award-winning standout in the category, BLACKENED American Whiskey makes some of the best blended whiskey: super-premium and crafted using only the finest hand-selected, well-aged bourbons and ryes. A collaboration between Metallica and the late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, propelled onward by category disruptor and Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich, the whiskey is aged in black brandy barrels, giving it a unique flavor profile that perfectly blends apricot notes with honey and caramel tones.

We finish BLACKENED Whiskey using our proprietary BLACK NOISE ™ Sonic-Enhancement process, to extract more flavor from the finishing casks, using a patent-pending scientific process co-developed by the sound engineers at Meyer Sound, a global leader in sound technology. Dubbed Black Noise™, this sonic-enhancement process produces low hertz sound waves causing the whiskey to reverberate at a fast rate, interacting with the oak staves of the finishing barrel, measurably releasing wood compounds and flavors. A pioneer of whiskey distilling, BLACKENED has paved the way for premium blends to return to the top shelf.

Whether you’re fond of whiskey cocktails or prefer to savor your spirit neat, experience what a super-premium whiskey blend can be with BLACKENED. Visit our online shop to order BLACKENED online, or use the store locator to find BLACKENED whiskey near you.

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