Fathers Day

8 Best Whiskey Gifts for Dad

Looking for the best whiskey gifts for your dad who is also a diehard Metallica fan? You’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s limited edition vinyl or collectible ultra-premium whiskey finished to the tune of Metallica’s iconic discography, the following items make for a perfect Father’s Day gift for your favorite whiskey-loving Metallica fan.

1. The Original Collaboration: BLACKENED® American Whiskey

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The ultimate gift for whiskey-loving Metallica fans? A bottle of BLACKENED® American Whiskey, the original collaboration from legendary Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and Metallica. The super-premium blend of bourbon and rye whiskey finished in black brandy casks and the earth-shattering music of Metallica makes for an impressive addition to any bar cart and is available in 375 ml and 750 ml sizes.

2. RYE THE LIGHTNING™, A Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

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The perfect gift for whiskey enthusiasts and diehard Metallica fans alike, RYE THE LIGHTNING™ was inspired by Metallica’s 6x platinum sophomore album, Ride the Lightning. This limited edition expression was double cask finished to its own unique playlist from a live Metallica performance, which is blasted to the barrels using BLACKENED’s proprietary BLACK NOISE™ sonic enhancement process.

Plus, you can download and listen to this rare performance for free! Pour yourself a glass and turn up the tunes for the ultimate experience. 

3. BLACKENED® Gift Card

Give the gift of BLACKENED! Available in $50 and $100 amounts and complete with a super-premium gift envelope, this gift card can be used for any product available through the BLACKENED® ecommerce store.

Get your orders in by Midnight on Sunday, June 12 to get delivery for Father’s Day!

Orders placed after this date will still ship out but are NOT guaranteed for Father’s Day delivery.

4. Limited Edition Batch 100 Collectible Whiskey & Vinyl Box Set

The Limited Edition Batch 100 Collectible Whiskey & Vinyl Box Set features a bottle of Batch 100 of the gold medal award-winning BLACKENED® American Whiskey, two exclusive 12” vinyl picture discs of the Metallica playlist that was used to finish the whiskey during the proprietary BLACK NOISE™sonic-enhancement process, the first issue of the unavailable-elsewhere BLACKENED® Zine, and more merch all displayed in a beautiful box.

The collectible, limited edition box set includes:
  • 750ml bottle of Batch 100 BLACKENED® American Whiskey
  • 2 Limited Edition 12” Double Sided Batch 100 Playlist Vinyl Picture Discs
  • BLACKENED® Zine Issue 01 and more!

Fans can even have their bottle engraved on Spirited Gifts to make the box set even memorable!

5. BLACKENED® American Whiskey 50 ml Mini Pack

Is your father more of a cocktail person? The 15-pack of 50 ml BLACKENED® American Whiskey mini bottles makes for delicious whiskey cocktails and easy at-home whiskey tastings among friends and family. Pick one up online or in stores by visiting our online web store today!

6. BLACKENED® Whiskey Cocktail Kit

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Give your favorite Metallica fan the gift of a home bar setup with a premium BLACKENED® cocktail kit. Featuring a matte black stainless steel 500 ml shaker, double-sided jigger, and mixing stirrer—all emblazoned with the BLACKENED® B logo—this kit has everything they’ll need to craft their favorite cocktails. They’re the bartender now!

7. BLACKENED® Whiskey Merch

Help your favorite whiskey-loving Metallica fan upgrade their wardrobe with merch from BLACKENED® whiskey featuring art from Tony Squindo, a longtime collaborator with Metallica whose iconic work has been featured on cover art, posters, tour merchandise, and more.

BLACKENED® Whiskey T-Shirt & Hat Bundle


Show your love for Blackened® Whiskey with a tri-blend t-shirt and an adjustable black hat emblazoned with a white Blackened® Whiskey Logo.

BLACKENED® Whiskey Hoodie & Beanie Bundle

Bundle up with a beverage, beanie, and hoodie from Blackened® Whiskey. The beanie features the Blackened® logo in rubber stamp on the cuff, while the hoodie sports artwork by Tony Squindo.

8. Donate to Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation

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If you’d rather contribute to a good cause in a Metallica fan’s name instead of purchasing a physical gift, you can make a donation to the All Within My Hand’s Foundation. Founded by Metallica in 2017 with the goal of enriching the lives of members of the communities who have supported the band for years, AWMH donates every penny raised to a cross section of local and national charities.

We’ll cheers to that!

Other Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If whiskey isn’t enough to show your father(s) how much you appreciate them, consider throwing in some classic Father’s Day gifts too! Other good father’s day gifts could include:
  • New Tools: If your dad is the DIY type, some new tools would make for a great gift to help them finally finish that project they’ve had on hold or start a new one.
  • Ties: Is your dad big in love with their tie collection? Consider getting them a new one, or a few, to add to it so they can think of you every time they wear it.
  • Golf Clubs: If your dad likes hitting the links with his pals regularly they will definitely appreciate you getting him some new clubs. Especially ones they’ve had their eye on.
  • Grilling Accessories: Your favorite “grill master” will probably be over the moon to get some new grilling tools to show off when they have guests over for a backyard BBQ.
  • New Tech: While dads may not always be hip to the latest tech trends they could stand to benefit from something like a fitness watch, music player, or some other “fancy gadget” as they might say.
  • Cigars: Cigars are a perfect compliment to a good bottle of whiskey that your father(s) are sure to love if they like cigars and whiskey.
  • New Shoes: Odds are your dear old dad has a favorite pair of shoes that could use an upgrade. Consider getting them new shoes to do yard work or go out in (your mom might appreciate this one too).
  • A Fun Mug: Mugs are great gift for dads who enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Get a mug that shows how much you love them or something that will make them laugh every time they use it.
  • Something Comfy: Your dad works hard, get them a gift like a hammock, recliner, or comfy clothes for them to relax in while they drink their whiskey.

No matter what you get for your dad(s), you’ll have the most success if you get them a Father’s Day gift that is thoughtful and shows how much you care for and appreciate them. From everyone here at BLACKENED, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

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