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Apple Cider Whiskey


5 minutes

Rocks Glass


1 oz BLACKENED American Whiskey
½ oz lemon juice
4 oz apple cider


1. Add ice to a cocktail shaker.
2. Add whiskey, lemon juice, and apple cider.
3. Shake until thoroughly chilled.
4. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Nothing says fall quite like apple cider, especially when combined with a good quality whiskey. Simple to make and super soul-warming, apple cider whiskey is one of the best whiskey cocktails to enjoy with family and friends during the fall and holiday season, especially around the fire on a brisk day.
Looking for the best whiskey for apple cider? Reach for BLACKENED’s award-winning, super-premium blend, crafted using only the finest hand-selected, well-aged bourbons and ryes. Want to kick your apple cider whiskey cocktail up a notch? Try BLACKENED’s cask strength whiskey.

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