We're here to help you Survive the Holidays

We have all been there, Thanksgiving dinner is burnt, in-laws decide they want to stay an extra week, or “some assembly required” turns into an entire toolbox plus some bandaids. Let’s face it, the holidays are stressful and almost never perfect. This holiday season let BLACKENED take the edge off with gifting and cocktail solutions.

2023 BLACKENED Holiday Survival Guide

Check out our Holiday Survival Guide to discover some real life solutions to some real life holiday nightmares. Let’s get through this holiday season together with the perfect BLACKENED pour in hand!

Blackened Whiskey

Holiday Cocktail Solutions

While the dinner may not come out perfect there is a BLACKENED cocktail to fit any occasion this holiday season. Ready to rock the home bar? Learn more below.

Show Us Your Holidays!

We want to hear all about your holiday stories, the good, the bad, and the hilarious. Tell us more by following BLACKENED, tagging BLACKENED, and using the hashtag #SoundsLikeTheHolidays. You never know, you may get a special holiday gift from us!

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The Proof Is In The Flavor

What makes us different?

No Gimmicks. All Science.

Black noise sonic enhancement

BLACK NOISE™ is a sonic-enhancement process that produces low hertz sound waves causing the whiskey to reverberate at a fast rate, interacting with the oak staves of the barrel, measurably releasing wood compounds and flavors like toasted coconut, vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel.

Layering & Enhancing Flavors

Remastered and cask finished

Remastering whiskey means layering flavors during blending and enhancing the base through cask-finishing, while using our BLACK NOISE sonic enhancement to extract more flavor, resulting in a one-of-a-kind Blackened taste.

The Best Or Nothing

Created with Metallica’s Standards

Metallica approached whiskey-making the same way they’ve always approached music pushing to create something original and better. They work only with collaborators who share their uncompromising commitment to quality and pour their souls into it until they’ve made something that’s truly special.