BLACK NOISE Sonic Enhancement | BLACKENED Whiskey


The creators of BLACKENED™ set out to craft a whiskey that brings the
uniqueness of the collaborators together in a bottle. A whiskey unlike any
other in the world. A whiskey born of innovation.

From the time Dave was a cadet at West Point, he was fascinated with the
effects of sound—the way an organ can play a note that shakes an entire
building. As he honed his craft over the years, the thought of what sound could
do to whiskey at a molecular level stayed with him.

As it so happened, Metallica and Meyer Sound innovated a subwoofer
employing that same range, harnessing the vibrations that make a Metallica
concert the resonant, visceral experience their fans know and love.

The convergence of these ambitions have resulted in a sonic-enhancement
method that utilizes a variation of the band’s song-determined frequencies to
disrupt the whiskey inside the barrel, causing increased wood interaction that
kicks up the wood-flavor characteristics in the whiskey. We call this
proprietary sonic-enhancement process BLACK NOISE™.


Sonic-enhancement is the process of using certain sound waves to affect the
spirit inside the barrel. When applied properly, the sound waves actually cause
movement of the barrel and the liquid inside. This movement increases the
interaction between the liquid and the barrel, resulting in a deeper penetration
of the spirit into the wood. Whiskey gains a great deal of character from the
barrel, with flavors such as clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as a variety of
aromas like vanilla and caramel. Sonic-enhancement kicks these
characteristics up a notch or two, depending on the sound waves being


Meyer Sound is a world leader in audio design, engineering and technology.
For years, they’ve worked alongside Metallica to deliver the best music
experience to the listener. As a result of an engineering pursuit that considers
all aspects of the listening experience, from the system to the human ear, their
technologies have innovated the audio experience time and time again. Click
the link below to learn more about the team behind Meyer Sound and the
innovative approaches they take to improve the way we all hear sound.